Enter the new era of marketing: customer engagement

Through the evolution of marketing from the trade era to the marketing orientation era to today’s social/marketing era, one factor has remained prevalent: customer engagement.

The emerging science that has now steered marketing innovation holds that the vast majority of buying decisions and consumer loyalty are influenced by emotional as well as rational factors. This means consumers’ psychological attachment to a product or brand alters their buying decisions.

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Types of Data Used in a Marketing Solution

Using data for understanding customers and their purchasing behaviour is a common trend nowadays. Customer data analysis is the process that examines the company’s customer data to attract, retain and engage the profitable customers. Organisations quantify, classify, categorise and track customers throughout their customer lifetime. To develop a better understanding of opportunities and threats for your customers, you will want to collect data from 4 quarters.

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Phases of Data Mining

Data stored in any format can be mined.  The important criterion for data is not the storage format, but its application in solving a problem. Data mining is a powerful tool that can help to find patterns and systematic relationships within your data. However, data mining does not automatically discover solutions.  The need to know your business, to understand your data, to understand data mining analytics remains static.

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Effective Intelligence introduces customer engagement technology to its list of technologies

South African developer of analytical data intelligence solutions takes a major step to help bridge the gap between mapping and executing customer journeys.   Effective Intelligence announced the launch of its new customer engagement technology, a new service that will combine its effective InfoXplorer technology with the highly acclaimed hub Provenir.

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Customer Engagement – The Successor of Customer Experience

The Latest Tools for Businesses and their Marketing Teams

Regardless of industry, successful companies are those which focus on satisfying their customers’ needs. However, over the past few years, customer satisfaction rates continued dropping despite corporations’ efforts to heighten their customers’ satisfaction. The main reason behind this is consumers’ demand for more than just a good experience; today’s users and buyers want customer engagement.

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Understanding the importance of Data Verification and Validation

Data is the core of every organisation and the importance of accurate data is explicit in the fact that strategies devised based on incorrect data leads to inconsistent decision making and drives processes and strategies in the wrong direction. The need for data quality has rapidly increased but not many organisations know how to obtain or maintain data quality.  A Google search statistics reveals that only 2,900 searches have been registered for the term “data quality tools” in comparison to 135,000 searches for the term “data quality”.

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Data Quality Management

Managing and leveraging data is crucial for making progress in analytics. To utilise big data and data analytics in the right direction, organisations have to explore possibilities and establish a framework to make big data and analytics work. First, it is important to create a culture that supports analytics. There is growing evidence that companies utilising data analytics as part of their decision making processes are stronger performers than those lacking it.

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The Four Ways to Make Customer Segmentation Deliver

Customer segmentation has emerged as a critical capability in rendering success to organisations utilising large volumes of data on customer behaviour to drive marketing campaigns, product development and brand positioning in the right direction.  More B2C companies are striving to obtain the real value of their effort by making their business customer-centric.   But, will they be able to register a well-documented success?

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SA’s fastest growing Analytics Company

Actionable intelligence is the new ‘must-have’ to stay ahead of competitors

 You no doubt have heard the latest buzzwords: predictive analytics, business intelligence (BI), analytical modelling, big data and a dozen more such phrases. But how is this really driving business? Who is using it? Are they getting results? Is it here to stay – or just a fad?

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